What is IUGA?
Founded by Informatics majors for Informatics majors. It is IUGA's objective to serve the needs and interests of those within the degree program. Not only that, we strive to meet the following needs:
  • Function as a student government for Informatics students.
  • Promote the interests of, and act as an advocate for current and prospective Informatics students in/to the Information School at the University of Washington.
  • Act as official channels for communication between the Informatics undergraduate student body and the faculty and administration of the Information School.
  • Facilitate and inform about opportunities for our students to experience social, educational and professional activities.
  • Actively be involved in the Information School community.
  • Provision our members with tools to help both in undergraduate studies and beyond, as well as to foster a greater sense of community within the Informatics program.
What is Informatics?
Our students describe informatics as a cross-disciplinary major trying to bridge the gap between people, technology and information. We accomplish that by offering two tracks: Human-Computer Interaction and Information Architecture. Not only that, we also have a custom option that many students use to enable them to go into information assurance, entrepreneurship, or any of the fields that is central to the idea of combining people, technology and information.

Employers, What can we do for you?

We interact on a daily basis with students of our major and we work directly with employers to match our students needs. Our goal is to help student make the most of their college careers and also to find the jobs that fit them best. We bring an unmatched understanding of our students and connect them with companies.

To do this, we have partnered with employers that are hiring our students to bring to them a slice of what it means to work for that company. From game nights sponsored by Microsoft, a security competition sponsored by Boeing and brought to us from Los Alamos National Laboratory, to both information sessions and general career advice from speakers at Amazon, Acquity group, Hitachi consulting, Price Waterhouse Cooper or a multitude of other organizations. We act as a platform for organizations to interact with our students and if we can't help, we are always happy to send you in the right direction.

How you can connect with us

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Past Student and Employer Events

Autumn 2012 Game Night
Career Speaker Series

Informatics Event Calendar

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